PREBOND – Light Cure Universal Bond 5th Generation 5ml


PREBOND-5th Generation Adhesive System is Light Curing hydrophilic universal bond.

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PREBOND-5th Generation Adhesive System is Light Curing hydrophilic universal bond.

Forms a very good bond between dentin and the composite and thereby reduces the formation of marginal gaps.PREBOND is an adhesive with outstanding adhesion to dentin and etched enamel. It improves adhesion between the composite and tooth surface.

PREBOND  is one component dental universal adhesive for bonding dentin/enamel using adhesive restoration technique.It has an excellent adhesion value with a very high hydrophilic stability.The fluid is an easy flowing with excellent deep absorption into the retention thus enabling very high bond strenght while minimizing marginal gaps. PREBOND Light cure universal bond 5ml.

* It is cometable with all the composite type restorations
* For bonding the metal or amalgam restorations
* the treatment of the out surfaced root
* Composites and compemers

Physical Properties
Apperiance:  low viscosity liquid without clear particles.
pH Value: 3-3,2
Dentin that is cured with light/Bonding strength to the Dentine : 30 mpa
Bonding Strength to the non- valuable metal: 20 mpa
Bonding Strength to the valuable metal: 24 mpa
Polimerization Time: 20 Seconds

Packaging Detail
PRD.100.02.02 1×5 ml bottle



Prebond is used to improve the adhesion of composites on enamel and dentin.Further,it improves the adhesion between glass-ionomer underfill(lining) cement and composite fillings(sandwich technique)



Phsiyal Data:
*Curing depth,15 seconds with halogen-light:completely polymerisated
*Refraction index:1,4950-1,5050
*Diametrial tensile strength,Mpa:12
Shelf Life:
*3 years from the production date



PRD.100.02.02 1×5 ml bottle


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